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The ease, simplicity and security of Square, brought to the silent auction event.

Bidstation is silent auction software that is integrated with Square so you can use it with your existing USD Square account. Pre-register guests’ credit cards using the Bidstation app and a Square account for a fast and simple checkout with no lineup.  If you don’t have a Square account, you can get one for free in just a few minutes. And because all payments and card on file captures are handled by Square (inside our app), you can rest assured that PCI compliance is place.

Check in guests, pre-register credit cards, enter bids and payments, email receipts. Track all your payments using one seamless system. Works with any Square compatible Android and/or iOS device and a Windows computer. Currently only available for US dollar Square accounts.

Uplift your event

enjoy your silent auction

Uplift your event

enjoy your silent auction


  • Ready-to-use, fully customizable templates help you plan your auction
  • Pre-register credit cards at check-in for fast and easy check-out with no lines (Card on file tokenization by Square)
  • Manage tracking bids and payments simply so your guests can relax and enjoy the event
  • Raise a paddle and fund a need tracking
  • Reconcile bids and run reports
  • Fully PCI compliant with no PCI fees, audits or assessments required from your organization




  • Simple payment processing using Square
  • Requires minimal training and no guest instructions
  • Seamless check-in using mobile devices and the Bidstation app
  • Process individual guest payments or process payments in a batch
  • Operates with your existing Square account or a free new account
  • Funds transferred directly to your organization’s bank account
  • Intuitive interface for entering winning bids and purchases



  • Pre-register guests’ credit cards using Save Card-on-File function – guests can skip lining up after the event
  • Pre-designed, customizable templates to create bid sheets, labels, certificates and displays
  • Assign tables, create baskets, track and record raffles and other purchases
  • Create any document with your item and attendee data using familiar MS Word merge functions
  • Track winning bids
  • Record purchases, donations and pledges
  • Generate itemized invoices
  • Email invoices and receipts
  • Print thank you letters for donors
  • Run reports on items, bids, sales, payments, etc.
  • Process payments during or after the event

Affordable + Hassle Free


  • No contracts
  • No monthly fees
  • Unlimited events
  • $129 per year
  • All-inclusive Square processing fees of 3.5% + 30 cents per transaction for all card types (no additional fees on top of this)
  • Securely store guests’ credit card information and link to bidder number for easy tracking and payments
  • Fully PCI compliant and secure payment processing can card on file capture by Square to ensure card payment safety and security


Bidstation is a unique technology solution for managing the complexities of a classic silent auction fundraising event. The software installs on your Windows computer and connects with the Bidstation app on any Square compatible iOS and Android devices. Prepare for your auction using the database tools in Bidstation to create stunning documents including bid sheets with increments, buy-it-now bid sheets, displays, certificates, thank you letters, and everything else you need to set up a perfect auction.

At the event, use the Bidstation app to pre-register credit cards (Express-Pay). Your bidder records are updated with payment tokens created by Square. Input winning bids, donations, raise-a-paddle, wine pulls and other purchases. Generate invoices to be ready for item pickup or checkout. Most bidders will skip checkout by Saving a Card on File, but the app will let you capture cards at the end of the event too. After the event, process the payments with a few clicks and you’re done! It’s a system that enables one person to do many jobs as it makes light work of complex tasks.

Try it for free and we think you’ll never run another auction event without Bidstation.

For $129.00

Unlimited Events
Annual subscription with unlimited use
All-inclusive fee of 3.5% plus 30 cents per transaction (Square fee of 2.5% + .30 and Bidstation fee of 1%) on credit card payments (no additional fees).
For use with your own devices and Square card readers (Works with US Square accounts only)

You must have basic internet connectivity to use Bidstation with Square at your events.
For events without internet connectivity, consider using Bidstation Offline.

Learn more about pricing


You can evaluate Bidstation’s effectiveness for your event yourself by trying it out.
Run a small simulated auction of your own with our sample data using your Square account.