With Bidstation Offline you can have a seamless, line-free event,  even without an internet connection

Premium technology for offline events

For auction events that need to run without an internet connection, Bidstation’s offline version lets you run a smooth nonprofit auction event even when you are in remote locations or have unreliable internet connectivity.

  • Same great functionality as Bidstation, with offline capability
  • Check in guests, pre-register credit cards, enter bids and payments, email receipts, track all your payments using one seamless system
  • Pre-designed templates help you plan and organize the auction
  • Your guests will have a better experience with no lines
  • Golf tournaments and galas – good for events of all kinds!
  • All the features of Bidstation, with offline capability
  • Pre-register credit cards with Paystation so guests can skip the line after the event
  • Pre-designed templates to prepare bid sheets, labels, certificates, displays and more
  • Manage check-in, enter bids and purchases, track payments and email receipts
  • Securely store guests’ credit card information and link to bidder number for easy tracking and payments
  • Process payments in a batch
  • Requires no training or instructions for donors
  • Assign tables, create baskets, track and record raffles and other purchases
  • Intuitive interface for entering winning bids and purchases
  • Create any document with your item and attendee data using familiar MS Word merge functions
  • Track winning bids
  • Record purchases, donations and pledges
  • Generate itemized invoices
  • Email invoices and receipts
  • Print thank you letters for donors
  • Run reports on items, bids, sales and payments
  • Funds transferred directly to your organization’s bank account
  • No contracts
  • Unlimited events
  • $599 annually
  • All-inclusive processing fees of 3.5%
  • Fully PCI compliant and secure payment processing with Paysafe
  • Learn more about Paysafe

Everything fundraisers need to run a successful silent auction: Use Bidstation to prepare bid sheets and templates, assign bid numbers and table numbers, and pre-register guests for a streamlined check-in and checkout process. Bidstation uses one computer and syncs with other computers running Paystation to process payments after the event when you have internet connectivity.

Record and track everything in one system: Pre-swipe guests’ credit cards and link the credit card to bidder number and your guests can bid and make purchases using just a bidder number. You’ll enjoy the easy tracking of winning bids and payments and your guests will enjoy being present at your event with just enough technology to make things run smoothly.

Speedy ExpressPay registration in an offline environment: Bidstation Offline works with the PayStation companion software for Windows computers to securely and reliably capture credit card payments at check-in. Use USB keys to move and sync data, then process payments when you’re back online following the event.

When you purchase Bidstation, you get a free Paysafe merchant account. Bidstation syncs payment information with the PayStation companion software. PayStation stores payment tokens offline and processes the payments later, once you are back online, using the Paysafe merchant account.


You can evaluate Bidstation Offline’s effectiveness for your event yourself by trying it out.

Run a small simulated auction of your own with sample data.

The trial allows up to 20 attendees and items and includes a test merchant account for simulated payments.

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