Bidstation Offline Videos: Import and Export Data

Step by step guide to Importing and Exporting data in Bidstation Offline

Moving data in and out of Bidstation is an essential part of many users’ operation of the software. This video discusses importing and exporting Items and Attendes and takes a look at setting up the Excel import template and what details to include as well as what to keep out. Bidstation has specific formats to be followed in order to make this go smoothly. Learn how to avoid problems by watching this video and consulting the user manual located under the Help menu in Bidstation Offline.

Note: If you’ve experienced the error when importing that tells you a row is missing data but the row referred to is the blank row under your last record in Excel, then your spreadsheet has ghost data. Simply copy your item or attendee records into a new spreadsheet, save it and then import from the new spreadsheet and the problem will be solved!


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