Creating Receipt Tags for Other Bids in Bidstation

Receipt Tags are created to allow for fast, categorized input of any fundraising activities, purchases and donations you have at your event in addition to auction items. By preparing a customized list of the different types of data you will need to enter at the event, you will be able enter the data for all purchases and donations with very few clicks, enabling the timely completion of invoices.

To create a receipt tag for any fundraising/purchase category, open the Receipt Tag window by selecting Receipt Tag using the icon on the dashboard or the navigation menu (under Other Bids). Enter the Receipt Tag Name and the Amount to be charged if known. If the amount is not known, enter 0 (zero). The amount can be entered manually when the purchase or donation is recorded at the event.


Click the Add button (or Update if editing, as shown on the right). Or press Enter on your keyboard to save. A message will display saying ‘Receipt Details saved successfully’.

Repeat this process for all items or donation categories you are planning.

Note: Check the Show Value box if you want the value of the item to appear on the invoice. (This is primarily used for tax purposes.)

When you are ready to enter Other Bids data at the event, you will simply need to select the Other Bids icon, use the drop-down menu in the Receipt field to select a category for data entry, then enter a Bidder Number and click Add (or press enter) for each purchase made in that category.