How to backup, copy and move the Bidstation database

Making a backup of the Bidstation database is an easy way to to have an option to recover data, if the need arises. Backups can also be helpful if you make a mistake and want a do-over.  Making regular backups is recommended, especially during the before the auction stage, before and after data is imported, item and attendee numbers generated, etc. 

The Bidstation database file is a single MS Access database file, much like a Word or Excel file. So it can be copied, renamed and moved just like a one of those files.  However, if the database file is renamed or moved, Bidstation will need to update its current database path so that it “knows” where the renamed or moved database file is located.  If the file is renamed or moved, simply click File/Open in Bidstation and browse to the renamed file or to the new location and open the .mdb file to update the path.

Most Bidstation users will start working with Bidstation on a computer in their office, such as a desktop computer, and will want to transfer Bidstation to a laptop for the event.  This is a simple process of creating a backup file (which is the same as making a copy of the Access .mdb file) and transferring it to the laptop to be opened in Bidstation running on that laptop. 

Transferring may be done via USB thumb drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc., but emailing it is not a good option as MS Outlook will typically block sending .mdb files as attachments.

Backup, move and copy is the same process in Bidstation Online and it is in Bidstation OFFLINE with one exception being that with Bidstation Online the device sync needs to be stopped first, if using the File/Backup function.  However, a copy of the file can be made anytime by simply making a copy of the file itself, as demonstrated in the video included in this post.

Here is step-by-step tutorial on creating backups, copies and moving the database file for both versions of Bidstation.

For additional information, consult the User Guide located under the Help menu in Bidstation.