Processing Payments in a Batch

The Bidstation app lets you accept and process a payment immediately for individual guests at checkout. However, the fastest and simplest way to process payments for cards that were Saved on File at check-in is all at once in a batch. You can do this any time you are ready using the Process Square Payments button in the Payments window of the Bidstation software. Only those cards that still have a balance owing will be charged.

First, open the Payments window from the dashboard icon or the navigation bar.


Click payments button in Bidstation to opens the payments window.


 The Process Square Payments button is featured prominently at the bottom of the screen.

Select the names of guests individually or as a batch and click Authorize to process payments for selected guests with Square.

Add any unrecorded cash or check payments before processing card payments in a batch, since when you tap Process Square Payments, the whole Balance Owing will be paid for each guest with a credit card on file.



To review winning bids and purchases before charging the credit cards, simply compare your records in Bidstation to your bid sheets.

Once you have reconciled all forms of payment and all records of winning bids and other bids, the Payments Total (displayed on the dashboard, bottom left) should match the Grand Total (displayed on the dashboard, bottom right).


 Each button on the Bidstation dashboard opens a function window.



If these do not match, try refreshing the screen. If they still do not match, check the Payment Reports/Balance Owing report (under ‘Reports’ from the dashboard button or the navigation menu) to see if any guests still have a Balance Owing. Guests should have a zero-balance due unless they won an item but did not provide payment or their card was unlinked or declined. If this happens, follow up with the guest to collect credit card information, enter it in the Bidstation app and process the payment instantly..

For more information, watch our tutorial video on Payments.