Using the ‘Generate Bidder Numbers’ Function in Bidstation

To generate bidder numbers automatically in Bidstation, use the Generate Bidder Numbers button in the top right corner of the Attendees window. Select Attendees, enter a Starting Number for a series of bidders in the field indicated (shown below) and select ‘Generate Bidder Numbers’.

You can have one series or numerous series to differentiate between different groups of attendees (e.g. volunteers, staff, pre-registered guests).




Bidder numbers must be entered in Bidstation before using other software functions such as creating bid sheets.

Duplicate bidders are not permitted in the system.

Generating Bidder Numbers using the ‘Generate Bidder Numbers’ tool will renumber any existing numbers already created or imported.

It is possible to assign bidder numbers in Excel and import them (under the field ‘PaddleNumber’). They can also be added manually in the Bidstation program.

Attendee Bidder Numbers can also be assigned in Excel when attendees are first created, and then imported using a Bidstation template.

Generating Bidder Numbers is disabled once a winning bid or other bid has been recorded.