Bidstation Offline Videos: Working with Items

Working with auction items in Bidstation Offline

Bidstation helps you track all “purchases”, (e.g., donations, bids, raffle tickets) in two components. One is Winning Bids and the second is Other Bids. Winning bids are the items in your live and silent auction and each has only one winning bidder (purchaser). Everything else is an Other Bid and can be purchased multiple times.

Auction items are Items in Bidstation so you’ll need to create a record for each live and silent auction item you’ll be putting up for bid at your auction event. Item data is also used to create bid sheets, displays, certificates, thank you letters, etc. This video provides a guided introduction to working with Items to help you get started. Consult the user manual under the Help menu in Bidstation Offline for details on import conventions.